The history of beriberi essay

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The history of beriberi essay

It should be a worthwhile acquisition for any person with a scholarly interest in the medical and biological sciences or any library that serves such patrons.

Clinical Features of Beriberi 3.

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In the s the Japanese navy reported that beriberi had been eradicated among its sailors as a result of adding extra meat, fish, and vegetables to their regular diet.

The Japanese navy was one of the first to be hit in the s, then soldiers in the Dutch East Indies, followed by tin-miners in Malaya, prisoners, policemen, coolies and asylum inmates in Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila and Saigon. Pathological similarities between Leigh disease and WE led to the hypothesis that the cause was a defect in thiamine metabolism.

Differential Diagnosis of Beriberi: a. We may share your information with third-party partners for marketing purposes. The history of the recognition, the cause, and the cure of beriberi is dramatic and is well documented in medical literature. Milling also reduced the bulk of raw paddy by a third, making rice more economical to transport and less prone to deterioration when stored and shipped.

Metabolic diseases: Diabetes Mellitus, Uremia, Porphyria etc. But it rounds up all the important developments and discusses them with a fullness of detail not available elsewhere.

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Thiamine deficiency