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However, the most customers want to enjoy the moment, as their coffee is brewed. The strategies of Starbucks to distribute coffee, such as through coffee stores, grocery markets, and new retail channels, as well as their benefits and consequences are studied.

Coffee drinking is not only a demand and a habit; it is also a part of quality of life and a life style nowadays. This should be a philosophy which is applied to the entire organization, not simply an idea that is applied to the marketing department.

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They are made of flesh and emotion. He was immediately impressed and deeply inspired with the Italian coffee culture. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Get Essay Serving coffee is a common part of any restaurant business, but a successful marketing mix will cause a common product to become uncommon and unique to the consumer.

In the video, it said that Starbucks satisfied the customers by offering accessories like coffee mug, free iTunes sample, take home coffee, and more.

From sourcing to marketing, Starbucks has a clear and focus strategy or policy to ensure the company grows towards the direction of their long-term goal. The Starbucks employees have accessibility to further their education and gain a higher career status if they desire.

The factors are also known as the internal environmental factors such as the company itself, marketing intermediaries, its suppliers, customers ,competitors and publics which are within or close to the company that have an impact of the organization strategy.

Third, McDonald has over 14, restaurants in the U. For market expansion strategy, Starbucks partnered with well-known companies, such as United Airlines and Nordstrom, to carry Starbucks coffee in their flights and restaurants.

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Additionally, Starbucks always tries to expand its products portfolio.

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Marketing Plan For Starbucks Essay