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The Pioneer was stranded for five weeks on a shoal, and only reached the Zambesi on 11 Jan. When he was approached by Roderick Murchison, president of the Royal Geographical Societywho put him in touch with the Foreign Secretary, Livingstone said nothing to the LMS directors, even when his leadership of a government expedition to the Zambezi seemed increasingly likely to be funded by the Exchequer.

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His eminent achievements were awarded fitting recognition. He reached Lake Malawi on 6 August, by which time most of his supplies had been stolen, including all his medicines.

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Only one of his 44 letter dispatches made it to Zanzibar. Robert Moffat, the South African missionary, in London, he was led to select that country for his labours. Livingstone became convinced of his mission to reach new peoples in the interior of Africa and introduce them to Christianity, as well as freeing them from slavery. It was of course common for missionaries to produce narratives of their years overseas; in Victorian Britain missionary writing was an established and popular literary genre. While he enjoyed visiting the market regularly and questioning the locals about the surrounding geography, the inability to travel further proved a frustrating experience. Livingstone, Miss Mackenzie, Mrs. Richard Cecil at Chipping Ongar in Essex for some months' probation. Alfred Ryder, a young artist, died before he arrived, but the others recovered under Livingstone's nursing. In , Livingstone discovered a spectacular waterfall which he named 'Victoria Falls'. Not only could he merge scientific study and Christian service, he could also appease his father, who would not let him become a doctor unless it was for a religious purpose.

Though alienated from the whites, the natives loved his common touch, his rough paternalism, and his curiosity. They arrived there on 4 Jan.

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In early November , Henry Morton Stanley entered the town bearing the flag of the United States and supposedly greeted Livingstone with the now famous question, "Dr. Under Maclear's instructions he perfected himself in astronomical observations, and acquired in this respect a skill and accuracy which few subsequent travellers have possessed in a like degree. Although a committed abolitionist, Livingstone actually developed good relationships with a number of traders — notably travelling with one of the most celebrated and infamous Zanzibaris, Tippu Tip Ross Gorgon at the Luabo mouth with Mrs. Livingstone, David. After the completion of his book, Livingstone spent six months speaking all over the British Isles. Helena or home; but he would not leave his Makololo followers to return without his assistance, now that he knew the difficulties of the journey and the hostilities of the tribes on the Portuguese frontier. In the meantime the Johanna men had journeyed back to Zanzibar and concocted a plausible tale that Livingstone had been killed in an encounter with Zulus. In the beginning of Sir Roderick Murchison proposed that Livingstone should resume the exploration of Africa, and should proceed up the Rovuma and endeavour to solve the question of the Nile basin. His wife died of malaria in , a bitter blow and in he was ordered home by a government unimpressed with the results of his travels. The following year, Livingstone was appointed by British authorities to lead an expedition that would navigate the Zambezi. While other Europeans beat and berated Africans, Livingstone treated his hosts with decorum.

He skirted the Kalahari desert, giving the Boers a wide berth. Moffat at Kuruman to recruit her health.

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Stanley in vain urged Livingstone to return to England with him. At Mabotsa she took charge of the infant school, but owing to a disagreement with the missionary who had accompanied them, Livingstone in gave up the house he had built, the garden he had made, and the station he had organised with much trouble and expense, and moved to Tshonuane, forty miles further north, and the headquarters of the Bechuana chief, Setshele, who showed an intelligent interest in Christianity.

Being a quick learner, Sechele learned the alphabet in two days and soon called English a second language.

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