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The callback is called with the family name as the first argument and font variation description as the second argument. December The CSS Profileshort for the College Scholarship Service Profile, is an online application created and maintained by the United States -based College Board that allows college students to apply for non-federal financial aid.

However, many websites will benefit from performance improvements by updating to a newer version. Complete the application.

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Register for the CSS Profile. Using legacy embed code in a website Although Adobe occasionally changes the embed code options as we make improvements to font serving, all previous versions of the embed codes will continue to work.

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The CSS Profile asks questions about the financial situation of the student and the student's parents. Create a College Board account. Using multiple embed codes in a website The embed code is how the web fonts are loaded into your website in the browser or into an HTML email in the email client.

Calling "Typekit.

Css profile help codes

You might already have one if you took the SAT. It also allows applicants the opportunity to provide additional information or special circumstances they want the schools to know about, such as high medical bills, or a recent job loss. Submit every year 7. Many fall between Jan. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Check your work first. Gather your financial documents. This takes roughly 45 minutes to two hours, according to the College Board. Generally speaking, schools that mostly provide state and federal need-based aid, such as many public and state universities, or schools that mostly award merit based scholarships , do not use CSS Profile to make financial aid decisions. Each project makes separate requests for fonts, which increases the number of HTTP requests and further slows loading. The institution then determines the student's eligibility for financial aid. Some schools have early filing deadlines in November. Colleges that use the CSS Profile can also add customized questions and adjust the formula they use for determining aid. About the author.
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What is the CSS Profile and how do I submit it?